Modern litigation at its best. We always win. Well, of course not always. But close, often. And what we always do is work with our clients to craft the most creative most efficient legal strategies, leaving no stone unturned, no argument behind, no idea down. When things go wrong, when clients have to litigate, they’re in territory unknown to them. We explain it to them. We listen to their concerns, understand them, assess and reassess their interest to fight, mitigate, settle or leave matters as are. We use every turning point or development to negotiate. We work in teams, assign tasks, research, brainstorm, cross review, challenge every idea. And then straight to the point. Focused and concise. And it works. Our assessments often prevail. We often breakthrough. We often shape tomorrow’s case law. Because we apply the law as it is but also as it should be, as it will be. We understand the trends, we foresee the changes and we bring them. We don’t make things matters of principle. We make them matters of interest, means, sense, objectives, results. We fight against small companies, individuals, banks, major groups, governments – or for them. We select the cases we want to bring through. Stakes with no financial value to ten figure range. Because they’re right. Because they’re challenging. Because we like the issues, we like engineering our arguments and we know how to fight. We identify and formulate the decisive arguments, draft and redraft and redraft again. To convince. At a cost. Winning – or doing everything for it – has a cost. And our track record tells.

Legal crisis management